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Healthful Concise Recommendations

Healthful Concise Recommendations -- at http://healthfully.org/rc/id14.html ----  11/23/13


Experience has taught us to question everything.  Man is a group animal, and his faiths are created by his associations.  Nevertheless man is capable of logic and coming to sound reasoned conclusions.  What follows below are summations based upon longer papers which arrive at reasoned conclusions contrary to pharma generated medical opinions.  The first premise in this process is to understand in detail the fact that pharma controls the practice of medicine, and that corporate ethics always compromises the public’s well-being—see bottom section.  We have expert-based medicine with pharma providing the experts.  Thus what follows though well supported by journal articles; is not taught by the experts nor covered in the corporate media.  In addition to a healthful lifestyle, these drugs make a major difference.   


Four Very Healthful Drugs


Positive choices

Long-life recommendation:  how to reducing the probability of health destroying illnesses each year by 2/3rd.  This translates adding on an average for males 15 & for females 10 years past the average age of death (75 males, 80 females) for those who follow the recommendations by the age of 30.[1]  For explanations for these choices click on the links (this includes rebuttals of pharma’s deceptions).  Medications:  Start Q10 at the age of 30, 100-150 mg, increase to 150-200 mg at the age of 45, and 300 mg age 60; and for Vitamin C (ascorbate) ½ gm, increase to 1 gm, and then 1.5 gm at the age of 60. Q10 is a fat soluble antioxidant, and ascorbate water soluble.  They have been shown totally safe.   Start aspirin at the age of 25 with 325 mg, and if diagnosed with cancer or cardiovascular disease increase dose according to previous links.    At menopause, take natural hormones; and for men, take testosterone, start between age of 60 & 70--when serum level drops below 450 ng/dL (the level of an 80-year old in 1984).  Natural HRT, estrogen with progesterone, in effective capsule dose is available only from a compounding pharmacy (2 mg estradiol plus 100 mg of progesterone micronized in oil).  Testosterone in sufficient dose is available also only from a compounding pharmacy as a lotion, ½ teaspoon 10%, or 15% past the age of 70.  Dilute with 50 gm. of water and apply over upper torso for maximum absorption.  Testosterone offers significant benefit when the serum testosterone level drops below 450 ng/dL (the level of an 80 year old in 1984—the average level of testosterone has steadily declined since 1910). The journal articles (mainly before the year 1999) in support of these medications make a very convincing case for the use estradiol and testosterone.  Pharma of course does junk science to counter their usage.  This junk science is fed doctors in the required continuing education classes which pharma gives taught by pharma’s key opinion leaders.  The information base of medicine is broken. Understanding this state of medicine reduces the risk of following the advice of well-meaning physicians.   Lifestyle in order of importance:  avoid tobacco smoke and other sources of incomplete combustion.  The Western diet with it high sugar and polyunsaturated fats has brought on the obesity and cardiovascular disease epidemic.  The increase in the consumption of sugar is the cause for the rise in obesity, metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular disease.  It starts with fructose damaging the liver in the same way that alcohol; both are metabolized in the liver and can cause fatty liver disease.  Dietary saturated fats are the best source for energy (ATP).  Watch the video links on the effects of our Western diet.  Frequent strenuous work or exercise promotes vascular health.  A growing body of evidence indicates that some genetically modified foods (GMOs) have dire health consequences, such as corn, canola, and soy which has a gene in it that causes the production of a pesticide, and probably also the Roundup resistant crops. Finally, avoid drugs and surgical interventions unless the condition is quite serious and the evidence is clear and convincing—see evidence based list on bad choices.  Pharma uses corporate tobacco ethics to maximize profits; drugs are market like tobacco.  Perverse incentives produce perverse results.  Watch Harvard Prof. Marcia Angell provide the proof.  

Aspirin:  For all NSAID uses.  For minor pain & anti-inflammatory   975 mg (the older standard  was two 500 mg and then 1 500 mg as needed), than as needed to 3 gm daily.  Don’t start with enteric coated because of delayed action.  For arthritis, 2.5 to grams per day; for protection from cancer 325 mg; for cancer treatment 1,300 mg daily.  For heart burn Tums is the best; protein pump (PPI) inhibitors the worst choice.   Avoid pharma’s anticoagulants, 975 mg aspirin daily, better choice.  Atherosclerosis causes coronary heart disease.  No need for niacin or statins because of the cholesterol myth, and watch documentary.   Inositol & Niacin  for best choices, which includes 325mg aspirin twice daily.  Avoid pharma’s statins and hypertension drugs   Read healthfully on aspirin for cancer, and CVD.  From 92 to 97 JK was prescribed 2.5 grams for chronic back pain, which was fixed by 15 minutes daily abdomen routine.  Thereafter 325 mgs for risk reduction.  And JK doesn’t get heart burn.  Aspirin cancer chemotherapy, take 4 or more a day.  AVOID OTHER NSAIDs:  All NSAIDs (Advil, Aleve, others) with long-term usage they greatly increases risk of MI &CVD--American Heart association warning also in journal sources by causing CVD through inhibition of COX-2, which causes plaque formation.  The selective COX-2 inhibitors NSAIDs are the worse.  They killed over 100,000 Americans.  Vioxx & Bextra were withdrawn after the information they sat on became public. But the FDA allows Celebrex, though Europe and Canada ban it.    


CoQ10, Q10:  The evidence clearly supports the use of Q10 based on animal studies.  Based on clinical studies 100 mgs is sufficient; but given the lack of side effects more should be taken.  At Costco a year’s supply is under $70.  Peak blood level is in 2-6 hours, and second peak at about 24 hours; half-life is 33 hours.  Does not interact with other drugs or have side effects, and has been shown safe at 2,400 mgs.  “The use of the aqueous suspension of CoQ10 has only a minor effect” because of low absorption.  To get round this Q10 is micronized and dissolved in oil; therefore avoid the aqueous form.   The synthesis of an intermediary precursor of coenzyme Q10, mevalonate, is inhibited by some beta blockers (blood pressure-lowering medication) statins (by 40%), and other drugs.  Large dose of vitamin e partial inhibits the anti-oxidative effect of Q10.  There is extensive positive short-term research on Q10, but no long-term population studies.  However, given its role as a ubiquitous antioxidant, benefits are likely, especially in the mitochondria.   For this reason it should be taken long-term starting by the age of 20 so as slow the rate of oxidative damage to the mitochondria.  Even though the decline in ATP due to damage won’t be noticed until the 5th decade, when endurance dramatically declines, such damage cannot be reversed since some of it affects the mitochondrial genes.  (Note:  ATP is the molecule that drives 95% of the chemical reactions inside cells throughout the body, including the one used by muscles for contraction.)  Q10 also protects other tissues, such as nerves from oxidative damage, thereby reducing the risks for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.  Many of the chronic conditions of old age are a result of accumulated oxidative damage such as macular degeneration.  Q10’s usage is far greater in Japan and Europe.    

Testosterone (TTT):  RECOMMENDATIONS:  Since 2003 I have used TTT 1/2 tsp 100 mg/gm from a compounding pharmacy--increased to 150mg/gm when he reached 68 years—necessitated by the lower bioactivity as TTT receptors age, and SHBG drops.  I take over three times the dose available in patented formulas high dose Androgel.  Apply widely as possible over the torso, back, shoulders, underarms, and face using water and rubbing it in to promote better absorption. With higher dose leg cramping vanished, joint are excellent, and skin has become much tougher on forearms.  Cognitive benefits, increased energy, feeling well, and looking younger all have sexual/romantic benefits.  TTT lowers the risk of heart failure, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, osteoporosis, prostate cancer, and depression, increases survival of heart attacks, muscle strength, and sexual drive.  Given TTT’s many health benefits, which affects pharma’s bottom line, most doctors are skeptical of its benefits and thus reluctant to prescribe TTT, which pharma teaches has taught them that TTT increases the risk for heart attacks and prostate cancer--based on their junk journal articles.    Some doctors make a career out of hormone balancing.  Recommended lotion of 100 mg/gm/1/4th tsp at age 65, increased to 150/gm at 70 in lotion from compounding pharmacy.  Goal is to raise the level to the high end of a 20-year old—800 to 1,000 ng/dL.   TTT is not orally active, but about 1/10th is absorbed through the skin.


Vitamin C, Ascorbic acid, Ascorbate: Based upon this review of the literature, a general knowledge of cell biology, pathology, & the natural high levels of vitamin C found in various tissues for protection from oxidative damage, its low cost, and the lack of side effects; for all these reasons, I recommend 500 mg per day starting in the 2nd decade and being increased to 1 g in the 5th, and 1.5 grams in the 7th.  FORM of ascorbate:   I prefer vitamin C in the form of calcium ascorbate; calcium over sodium, because it is a source of calcium, which for those who consume little dairy a calcium supplement is advisable, and it won’t lower the blood PH to acidic.  I mix a portion of the powder into tea or juices.  Another choice which I also use is the pleasant-tasting chewable sodium ascorbate 500 mg which is sweetened with sorbitol; available from Costco.  Because it is used as an antioxidant--not vitamin function--the addition of bioflavonoids is not beneficial to the consumer.  The record of research on bioflavonoids is polluted with marketing studies to show benefits. The converse is that the studies by pharma and governments are designed to show that vitamin C offers no benefits.  Business is a corrupt master of science.   Cheaper is better because, price matters to most people.   Over the internet I purchased 5 kg of calcium ascorbate and I take 2 gm daily. 

[1] The amount of gain is modest at 30 years, and accelerates with age, mostly because the risk is greater--explanation.  Thus running 10 years starting at 60 ha more benefit then 10 years starting at 40—one study shown an 8.7 year benefit, at  Between the 6th and 7th decades there is a significant decline in the body’s recuperative ability, thus reversal of health issues for the elderly is less.  

Diet:  Avoid sugars, limit refined carbs.  This table promotes health & sets the controls of fat storage to weight loss




Breakfast protein mix, fish, nuts, cheeses, cottage cheese, plain yogurt, vegetables, yams, eggs, some whole grain products[1], beans­, and whole or 2% milk, Karo corn syrup (pure glucose).

White & other white flour products, whole wheat bread, white rice, and carbohydrates in general.  Meats & poultry unless free range, bananas, grapes, raisins, dates[2].

Sugar added foods[3], cold breakfast cereals (but Cheerios & Shredded wheat), instant hot cereal, large portions of carbs and fruits, fruit juices, corn, rice, white flour, and potatoes.

Vinegar,[4] fiber, protein, and fat, animal fats, lard, & butter are best, followed by palm kernel, coconut, and olive oils. [5]

Fried foods (unless in saturated fat), large meals, and highly processed foods. 

Lunch meats unless cooked[6], corn[7], most crackers, restaurant deep fried foods, soy products[8], vegetable oils, and all GMOs.



1) Healthy diet: The goal is to keep serum insulin low, thus avoid added sugar, easily digestible starches, and vegetable oils, in that order of importance.  Small meals and increasing fiber, fats, and proteins along with increased physical excursion all lower insulin.  Low insulin entails low serum sugar, which lowers the rate of glycation that damages proteins.  2) Weight loss diet of less than 15%:  in addition to the above, go on a very low carbs diet and stay on it until desired weight is obtained, then follow the healthy diet.  This diet will allow the body to cure NAFLD, IR,T2D and MeS (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, insulin resistance, type-2 diabetes. and metabolic syndrome).  3) T2D diet for those on one drug:  follow weight loss diet, and monitor your plasma glucose so as to reduce dependence on your drug.  If after 6 month this hasn’t cured T2D add alternate-day fasting.  Watch Dr. Janson Fung explain the issues on insulin and diabetes and alternate day fasting diet.[9]   Fasting diet cures T2D; it does for 90% of those who have bariatric surgery:  they fast the first 2 weeks and then eat small low-carb meals.  Most are cured of T2D in the first week. 4) Severe T2D and obesity:    Follow as low insulin diet and alternate-day fasting.  T2D is a progressive disease that starts with insulin resistance, then drugs to lower glucose, then progress to more drugs, and insulin injections.  The drugs pharma offers do not stop weight gain or the progression of T2D, which shortens life an average of 7 years.   Short version, long version.

Estradiol (Natural Estrogen) with progesterone, HRT:  What every woman should be taking because of the numerous, major health benefits, benefits that would slash pharma’s profits.  Of the 4 natural estrogens only estradiol (E2) has major benefits.  Two--estriol (E3) and estetrol (E4)--are found in pregnant women and block estradiol.  Big pharma being against hormone replacement therapy (HRT) markets ineffective products including those containing estriol and estetrol, estradiol at too low a dose, and Prempro.  Based on marketing (tobacco) science, including a major study by the FDA which used Prempro, a combination of estrogen derived from pregnant mare’s urine and the progestin MPA.  The biological effects of mare’s estrogens are different than human estrogen and MPA blocks most of the positive effects of estrogen.  Using tobacco science, the FDA warns that HRT (hormone replacement therapy) has only one valid medical use, to manage hot flashes, and it should be used at the lowest dose for the shortest time.  But the finding for Prempro[10] cannot be validly generalized to the natural estradiol and progesterone—though pharma and the FDA do.  Thus marketing science overturned 4 decades of positive results that show significant health benefits for HRT:  Alzheimer’s 83%, Heart attacks 51%, Coronary Heart Disease 50%, Colorectal Cancer 46%, Breast Cancer 73%, Thrombosis 8%, Osteoporosis Fractures 90%, Macular Degeneration 65%, reduces & prevents arthritic join destruction, firmer breasts, healthier skin (less wrinkles, thicker, 48% more collagen), reduces hair loss, improved cognitive function, less depression and mental illness, and a general feeling of well-being with increased libido.  Estradiol is the only effective treatment to prevent osteoporosis, and its methods of cardiovascular protection are well documented.  The lack of estradiol is the reason for the precipitous decline in health of women after menopause.  Life extension with long-term natural HRT is over 4 years.    Because of a modest increase in uterine cancer a progestin (synthetic hormone with some progesterone properties that is orally active) is added to hormone replacement therapy rather than the natural progesterone which wasn’t orally active.  Progesterone--the major natural occurring progestogen--has numerous benefits, while some of the artificial progestins are clearly harmful, and none have been adequately researched as to side effects.  Thus like with testosterone which isn’t orally active, the best method of application is a lotion obtained from a compounding pharmacy in a dose of 4 mgs estradiol plus 100 mg of progesterone per application.  Apply widely as possible over the torso, back, shoulders, underarms, and face using water and rubbing it in to promote better absorption, which otherwise would be only 10%.  Recently progesterone has been micronized in oil (like CoQ10) and is available as a pill.  Ideal free-serum estradiol level is 7-9 pg/mL.  A compounding pharmacy can prepare a pill consisting of 2 mg of estradiol with 50-100 mg of progesterone.  The lotion form is better for the skin.  Plant sources are not estrogen but molecules which mimic estrogen of unproven safety and effectiveness.  Doctors who follow the Wiley Protocol are other methods of hormone balancing for post menopause women are milking the insurance and patient, and it lacks sound scientific evidence.   Keep it simple. However in Europe excellent results have been obtained with Trisekvens; Novo Nordisk, Denmark. 

[1] Many of the whole wheat breads are comparable to white bread as to glycemic index (GI) and insulin index (IL) (see  table Part 3), plus they have phytic acid (inositol hexaphosphate (IP6):  Phytic acid has a strong binding affinity to important minerals, such as calcium, iron, and zinc” Wik that binds preventing their absorption. Phytic acid is also in beans, peanuts, soybean, brown rice, oat meal, corn, and nuts. White flour lacks phytic acid.  Sugars are added to mask the rancid taste of the whole wheat.

[2]  High starch and sugar fruit with high glycemic index compared to most other fruits. 

[3] “Sugar added” is to be a change on food labeling supposedly going in effect in 2015.  How much has been added depends on ingredients, vegetables have natural low levels of sugar, fruits higher.  If in doubt, look at the list of ingredients for sweeteners.  Ingredients are listed according to percentage by weight on the label.  The list of foods with a major amount of sweeteners added is long from Campbell’s tomato soup, sodas, fruit drinks, candy bars & high starch foods also have sugar added.   

[4] Vinegar reduces insulin resistance and increase satiation. 

[5] These oils are lowest in polyunsaturated fats, thus lower in omega 6.  And because they are  from tress they are free of GMOs. 

[6] Given the broken food-inspection process, they pose a major risk factor, which has been grossly under reported in our corporate media.  A 2008 study in France showed that their rate of food poisoning was 1/4th the US rate

[7] Avoid not just because of high GI and GL rating but because it has a GMO gene that produces a pesticide—also in soy beans. 

[8] “Allergy to soy is common…sources of phytoestrogens… lignans have the ability to bind to human estrogen sites… association between brain atrophy and consumption of tofu meals… raw soy flour is known to cause pancreatic cancer in rats…. Gout sufferers limit consumption of soy products” Wiki.  Likely also a testosterone mimic.  Sex hormone mimics contribute to obesity through their effect on fat storage. There are many sources for these mimics such as softeners added to plastics.  These mimics are likely a factor in obesity, early puberty, height gain & cancer.  Science is spotty but sufficient for Scientific American to warn about mimics repeatedly.      

[9] Watch Dr. Fung explains, the body switches to fat burning, and the low insulin entails that the leptin system which drives hunger is shut off.  Thus not only is IR cured but the yo-yo effect of dieting doesn’t occur.

[10]   Prempro has been the leading selling HRT since the mid 40s in the US, and it still is.  The issues with MPA and mare’s urine estrogen have been know for decades by scientist including those in the FDA, as too the superiority of the natural HRT.  Because of birth control pills, HRT, and the possibility that an estrogen would protect men—as it does women—from cardiovascular disease, there has been thousands of published articles on the estrogen and progesterone family of hormones. 

Better treatments   --  3/18/15

Anticoagulants Recommendations:  It is not true that most cases of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in medical patients can be prevented.”   Fails to show benefit over risk except for the very highest risk for coronary events and strokes.  Aspirin as an antiplatelet  reduces risk of stroke, embolism, and MI[1]; as an anti-inflammatory drug reduces for atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, and rheumatoid & osteoarthritis; and because of activation of necrosis factor reduces risk of  cancer risk & increases survival; and these benefits are dose dependent. Thus take one or two 325 mg aspirin daily.  Other than a 4% increased long-term risk of gastric ulcer, aspirin is safe.  That 4% is much lower than the 3.43% of major bleeding per year with warfarin.[2]  Risk is greatly reduces with elimination of Helicobacter Pylori bacteria.  When all causes of death are included anticoagulants don’t save lives, see WARIS study.  From 1992 to 1996, I took under physician advice eight 325 mg (2.5 grams) coated aspirin per day for chronic back pain (inflammation), and had zero heart burn, and has since then takes 1 to 3, 325 mgs daily.  My blood pressure is 125 over 75, total cholesterol level low below 175, and in the 7th decade I run once a week, swim once a week, and weight train 4 days weekly.      


Arrhythmia involves the greatest degree of complexity: in treatments tailored to conditions & in diagnosis relying upon technologies. Looking in from the outside, it would be inappropriate for me to judge physical interventions though given the record of corporate medicine caution is in line, e.g., catheter ablation has critics, drugs critics and so on.   1) Avoid drugs for arrhythmia (they are not magic bullets)--except during an emergency where a much different sort of drug is given.  Long term trials confirm that the great increase the death rate through pro-arrhythmia. Treatment strategies designed solely to suppress these arrhythmias should no longer be followed” JAMA.  2) Arrhythmia is used as a reason for prescribing anticoagulants.  Take only aspirin in sufficiently high dose (325 to 975 mg/day) to prevent tolerance from developing & it has many other benefits. Low dose is a pharma plow, for long term it doesn’t have an antiplatelet effect—pharma studies in the last 20 on aspirin are all short-term or designed to exaggerate the risks. 


Atherosclerosis:  Healthful lifestyle of normal weight, low sugar diet, and regular exercise.  Don’t worry about cholesterol and saturated fats they are good for you.  Pharma still through their continuing education class teaches doctors the cholesterol myth which they treat with diet and statins.  Watch the documentaries exposing the myth.  For everyone, take CoQ10, Vitamin C, and aspirin are all protective.  Testosterone lowers risk of MI, heart failure, and metabolic syndrome.  Estradiol is why women don’t develop cardiovascular disease until after menopause. High blood pressure is associated with adverse advents because it is a marker for atherosclerosis, just like fever is for influenza.  It is not a cause of those events, except for the much less common hemorrhagic stroke.  But pharma makes billions telling doctors that hypertension is the cause of heart attacks and strokes; rather it is young, unstable plaque that leaks.    


Cancer chemotherapy:  For treatment and diagnosis a teach hospital is best.  Become knowledgeable.  Given the marketing bias in practice of medicine, in journals and in textbooks, start with a search of the critical journal articles concerning treatment and diagnosis.   Time counts; have a biopsy as soon as possible.  Read carefully the results concerning the abnormality of the tissue and size of tumor. The term cancer, malignant, and carcinoma can only properly be applied if the tumor has spread outside the tissue of origin, but often it is applied misleading to in situ tumors.  The greater the abnormality of the cells, the greater the risk,[3] and the more likely it will be called malignant though it is benign.  If the risk is substantial that the local tumor will evolve into cancer, have it removed.  Remember that time increases the risk of an indolent cancer becoming aggressive, and/or metastatic.  If chemotherapy is recommended, submit to it only when major benefits are clearly documented, and deduct for bias, which is the norm.  Don’t rely upon treatment guidelines, they are based upon marketing science, so too is the advice of the oncologist whose continuing education is given by pharma.  Published articles have an average bias of 32%.  Only for a few cancers does chemotherapy save lives, the rest are not curative (see hope’s hypothesis), nor does chemo prevent a missed indolent cancer from becoming aggressive or metastatic.  If it is curable, then see if an in vitro chemo-sensitivity testing[4] is available.  The term survival referring to chemo that is not curative, this term means to live a couple of months longer.  If the cancer is not cured in terminal patients as tested in phase iii clinical trials, then if your cancer is metastatic it too won’t be cured. If it isn’t metastatic then there is no need for chemotherapy, because it won’t stop the growth of a missed tumor.  In either case it is best not to poison yourself which often significantly reduces the quality of your remaining years.  In the majority of cases aspirin is the best prophylactic and best treatment because it activates necrosis factor NF-B.  Read Aspirin, & Aspirin's Cancer Protection. Take 325 mg of aspirin, or more, with each meal for the first 5 years.  This ability of aspirin is one more unstated reason for pharma to oppose the use of aspirin.  If aspirin irritates stomach take Tums and avoid a protein pump inhibitor.  If acid indigestion is severe, check for Pylori bacteria, which causes ulcers, and is easily eradicated.  For reducing risk of cancer take 325 or 650 mg daily.  JK has taken aspirin since 1992, an average of 650 mg, and this has reduced his cancer risk over 50%.  Testosterone and natural estrogen moderately reduce risks for certain cancers, though pharma claims otherwise.

Hypertension:  In over 90% of cases where the blood pressure is above 160/90, it is atherosclerosis that causes hypertension and the associated renal damage.  Neither can be reversed with drug therapy. “In developed countries, the two leading causes of death,  myocardial infarction , and stroke, may each directly result from an arterial system that has been slowly and progressively compromised by years of deterioration (see atherosclerosis)” Wiki.  But pharma stresses HBP for which their drugs can lower BP.  There is no quick fix for the damaged kidneys or clogged, stiff calcified arteries.  Encapsulated plaque with fibrous matrix cannot be removed (dissolved) with drugs. Treatment ought to be at stopping the process of atherogenesis and thus through revascularization healing will progress. Since the problem is not cholesterol, a drug such as a statins does not change the course of events—though pharma claims it does.  Its tobacco science, watch documentaries or read Cholesterol Myth.  For atherosclerosis there is a better approach:  long-term program of life-style changes involving exercise and low-insulin diet; supplements and drugs 325 mg aspirin and CoQ10,   natural estrogen (estradiol with progesterone reduces MI by 50%)[5] and testosterone which strengthens myocardial muscles, promotes healing, & reduces risk of metabolic syndrome, and diabetes.  These will stop atherogenesis and allow the body to partially heal.


Heart attack

Do List:  Myocardial Infarction, MI, Acute Ischemic Coronary Event, Heart Attack: 

Prior to event, take daily 325 mg of aspirin (it has many health benefits including reducing MI risk by 51%)[6]and live a healthful lifestyle. Past menopause, take  estradiol with progesterone (natural HRT)[7].  It is why MI for premenopausal women is rare.  It is very significantly cardiovascular protective.  Men, testosterone if level is below 350, for it increases muscle mass , strength, lowers MI risk; low testosterone is associated with metabolic syndrome, and aggressive prostate cancer.  See relevant portions above.  Find out where an angioplasty is available at all hours.  This and the injection of a powerful clot-busting drug are the only significantly effective treatment, but must be administered in the first three hours from onset of MI in the first 90 minutes, after that their value is not worth the risks. 

Acute Event With onset of symptoms take 325 mg of not-coated aspirin sublingually—the more the better.   Nitroglycerin is also very effective.  Keep your wits about you and resist and remember if testing doesn’t leading to usefully treatment, then don’t be tested.  In this case an angiogram after 2 hours is not worth the consequences.  

Recovery phase:   continue with hormone replacement therapy, 325 mg aspirin, and Q10.  Exercise reduces angina pain.  Angina will over several years diminish as revascularization occurs naturally.  Allow the body to heal naturally. 

Avoid list:  CRITICAL CARE:  (in order of importance):  downers (psychotropic drug), high blood pressure medication,  antiarrhythmics,[8] Protein Pump Inhibitor (PPI), heparin & other blood thinners but for aspirin, and  oxygen[9].   Instead of heparin or similar anticoagulant promptly take 975 mgs aspirin, followed by one every 4 hours.[10]  Downers (psychotropic drugs[11]) have many indications such as anti-nauseas, muscle relaxant, sedative. If drowsiness or mental confusion is a side effect, it is probably a downer (or an opiate).  Drugged, the patient is less likely to inform the nurse of a negative turn in their condition, or resist their doctor’s advice. Drugs for hypertension other than nitroglycerin do not lower morality Cochrane Library.  

RECOVERY:  PPI is recommended with the anticoagulant, but PPIs are addicting because of the rebound effect, and long-term usage causes serious life-shortening, side effects such as osteoporosis & colitis.  Tums is a better choice.  Statins are justified only by marketing science.  Counter to their marketing science improved lipid profile[12] is like lowering fever instead of treating the infection; statins lower quality of life.[13]  Ventricular assist devices cause MIs thus shorten life.  PPI, statin, blood pressure drugs[14], blood thinner, antiarrhythmics drug therapy, and downer lack quality evidence that prove their net worth and superiority to other choices; yet they are routinely administered in the hospital and nursing home, when the patient is most vulnerable.  Keep it simple; Doctors are pill pushers.  Avoid polypharmacy because it multiplies the risk of major side effects.  All too often their side effects are treated with additional drugs.  All side effects are grossly under-reported.  Most drugs started in the hospital and nursing home will be continued long-term.  As stated above, treatment protocols are “messaged” by the pharmaceutical industry, and doctors find it very prudent to follow them, unless you instruct them otherwise.  While recovering, avoid both stent and bypass operations:  studies have failed to find reduction in hard endpoints for angioplasty vs. medical therapy in-stable angina patients.  The artery-opening procedure alleviates chest pain far more quickly than medical therapy, but has not been shown to prolong life.  The vast majority of MIs do not originate with obstructions that narrow arteries" Wiki.  An exception would for acute STEMI with unstable refractory angina with objective evidence of ischemia, UK study.   My father in 1953 had a very severe heart attack; a second one 2 years later. In the era before drugs, angioplasty, bypass operations, statins, hypertensive drugs he receive morphine and lidocaine for heart beat.  And subsequently he had little pills of nitroglycerin which he placed under his tongue for attacks of angina.  The angina lasted 10 years and he died of a stroke in 1976, 23 ½ years after his first heart attack at the age of 76.  Twenty-three years of bad health was the price he paid for smoking 2 packs of Camels daily.   In that same era, Dwight David Eisenhower also smoked 2 packs a day.  He had had a major heart attack in 1955 and was cared for in the same year at the same hospital as my father.  Ike had 7 heart attacks and died of congestive heart failure 12 years later in 1969 at the age of 78.    

[1]  The highest risk group, unstable angina, had a 236% reduction in death & cardiac event 152%--meta-study 1994, aspirin 325 mg.

[2] Pharma follows the business patter of under-reporting side effects., and comparison to aspirin are tobacco science.   A major bleed for Plaxil requires a transfusion of at least 2 pints of blood, thus missing most ulcers.  Over 500 people a year on Plavix bleed to death.    

[3] In some tissues (prostate, thyroid, and colon) the removal of low-grade benign tumor often causes more harm than good.

[4] Like the testing of an antibiotic on a patient’s bacterial culture, the chemotherapy should be tested on an in vitro tumor samples. 

[5] Synthetic pill forms are very significantly inferior, for most progestins interfere with the protective action of estradiol.

[6] Low dose is a pharma plow, for long term it doesn’t have an antiplatelet effect—pharma studies are all short-term.  Typical treatment following an for MI runs with insurance between 66 & 71,000 per year—but compliance is only about 31%, NEMJ (what side effects?).   

[7]   Progesterone was not available in pill form until 1995 because of poor absorption.  The micronized in oil has not been marketed with estradiol. The combination is available only from a compounding pharmacy.  Thus there are no major endpoint studies. 

[8]  “… Been shown to be ineffective.  Lidocaine may be used for 24 to 48 hours to treat ventricular tachycardia” (Conn’s supra 403).

[9]  Proven to be ineffective yet still routinely administered, also, higher death rate.  Oxygen increases the rate of the breakdown of the mitochondria within the muscle cells of the heart, thereby offsetting its beneficial effect.   This is also why when restoring blood flow by a PCI or angioplasty does not result in a prompt improvement in the patient’s condition.  

[10]  Physicians have forgotten the past.  Until the early 90s for over 3 decades the standard treatment for arthritis was 2,500 mgs of aspirin.  Doctors have been taught by Big PhARMA not to give aspirin except in the ineffective low dose of 75 mg-- more on aspirin. 

[11]  Antidepressants are commonly prescribed for 44 non-psychiatric conditions, and many drugs of other classes cause depression.   Moreover, once depressed the new drug given for depression will exacerbate the condition as part of its rebound effect.

[12]    Statins were approved of for familial hypercholesterolemia, a genetic disorder with levels typically over 400.  This was because the raw data didn’t support usage for current population now taking it.  Moreover, for those over 75, it increases the death rate from MI, by depriving the heart of essential ATP.   If they repeat a reasonable lie often enough, it will become accepted “wisdom”

[13]The primary outcome measure and the mortality data do not support the primary hypotheses that warfarin is superior to aspirin and that clopidogrel [Plavix] is superior to aspirin” American Heart Association.   New or additional drug is always sold as better & safer.

[14] In the ALL HAT study it was shown that diuretics were superior to the newer alternatives for controlling blood pressure.  For a drug to be approved, its positive effects have ONLY to be better SHORT-TERM than a sugar pill (nothing at all).  Its negative effects are not applied in the FDA’s consideration for approval, and rarely is a drug with major side effects withdrawn from the market.    


List of Topics   --   (in order below)

Aspirin, Q10, estrogen, testosterone, heart issues, anticoagulants, arrhythmia (irregular heart beat), hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease), heart attack and treatments, niacin family and other natural cholesterol lowering drugs, statins and cholesterol:  bisphosphonates for osteoporosis, psychotropic drugs (downers), Alzheimer’s disease, acetaminophen, cancer and chemotherapy

Bad Pharma:  Any discussion of what people take for health must be prefaced by an assessment of the ploys of the major pharmaceutical corporations, hereafter called (big) pharma.  On point are three statements.  Harvard Professor Marcia Angell MD, states We certainly are in a health care crisis ... If we had set out to design the worst system that we could imagine, we couldn't have imagined one as bad as we have.” Dr. Philippe Even describes it”  “The pharmaceutical industry is the most lucrative, the most cynical and the least ethical of all the industries.  It is like an octopus with tentacles that has infiltrated all the decision-making bodies:  world health organizations, government agencies, parliaments, high administrations in health and hospitals and the medical profession."  Dr. Des Spence a British Medical Journal columnist describes this process Conduct questionable research and control the original data[1], then schmooze health regulators and patient groups to established more inclusive drug-treatment protocols that is supported by the questionable science.”  The 800 pound gorilla (a phrase used by Dr. Marcia Angell) gives the continuing education class required for doctors, who then repeat to patients what they have learnt from the gorilla’s thought leaders[2] & sales reps, and often officially approved in schmoozed treatment guidelines.  In our corporatist state, the FDA is a friend of pharma; and our corporate media won’t offend its major source of income.  The same forces which caused the tobacco companies to glamorize cigarettes in the 1920s fully aware of its health consequences, to aggressively market them, and to produce junk science to deny their harm; these forces operate upon all corporations, including pharma.  Pharma is very good at persuading doctors and the public that their new drugs are developed based on the latest sophisticated advancements in medical science, and thus that they are much better than older drugs.  While there are some, the vast majority of new drugs are short term barely better than nothing at all (a placebo) in phase III testing for the FDA.  They are not compared to older drugs.  They then are hyped based upon subsequent junk science phase IV studies generated by pharma’s marketing departments.  This “information” is fed in required continuing education classes to doctors by well paid thought leaders.  Their control of research which produces junk science and their influence upon treatment guidelines has turned upside down the decision process and forced doctors to rely upon thought leaders rather; a process that Prof. Ben Goldacre, MD calls, “expert based medicine”.  Every move made by pharma is designed to increase profits, which is the fiduciary duty of pharma.  Knowing what has happened to medical science:  an incredible amount of harm has resulted, and this website is dedicated to exposing it. 


Take a deep breath and absorb the dismal state of medicine; and if inclined to read more, start with Marketing Science.   What follows is the summation of several thousand hours of analysis of journal articles and medical textbooks on over 30 health/treatment topics.  This information has been used in the development of the http://healthfully.org website—started in 2004.  The results are at variance to the gorilla’s marketing science.


The purpose is both to advise and educate:  advice on what works, doesn’t work, and to educate on the relevant basic biology.  What follows below is based on careful analysis of the journal articles adjusted for marketing-science bias.  For confirmation of claims here made, go to http://healthfully.org/rc/ and /rl.  Based on a large body of published journal articles, three drugs are clearly very healthful.  Aspirin and natural hormones—estradiol and testosterone--have come under attack by pharma (corporate medicine).  Minor health concerns with these drugs are blown out of proportion by junk science, and their benefits contradicted by more marking (junk) science, or simply ignored.  The third Q10 is totally safe; thus only its benefits are denied and/or ignored.  Pharma’s recommended doses are well below the ideal.  That is to be expected from profit seeking corporations, since these drugs would dramatically lower the sales of their block-busters.  Moreover, physicians are taught by pharma in continuing educations class that that if a patient insists on taking aspirin or hormones, that because of “serious health risks” they should be taken in the lowest dose for the shortest time.  At http://healthfully.org/rc/index.html you will find the evidence based upon meticulous journal research (links provided) and the basic biology of the medical conditions.  Remember that Pharma hawks remedies by hyping benefits and hiding side effects.  They do junk science to support those claims and to eliminate off-patent competition such as from aspirin and hormones.  The corporate forces that shape the tobacco companies are at work upon pharma. Corporations are profit-maximizing entities.


[1] This control goes to setting up the conditions of the clinical trial and other research, and then submitting the results doctored as their marketing department finds efficacious, and holding back the raw data and negative results, thus making editorial review by the journal a façade.  They then use the conclusions contained in a short abstract to educate physicians about their product.

[2] Thought leaders are renowned specialists.  Their rise to prominence is based on providing services for pharma, for which most receive 6-digit income. Their success is dependent upon being pharma “friendly”. They are the lecturers at continuing educational classes, the lead researchers in journal articles, and they are interviewed by the media. 

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Remember that pharma is in the business of treating illness.  There claim of preventing illness is in most cases mere marketing.

Disclaimer:  The information, facts, and opinions provided here is not a substitute for professional advice.  It only indicates what JK believes, does, or would do.  Always consult your primary care physician for medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment.