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Fung Long Distant Program info

Dr. Fung’s clinic for diet weight and other medical issues—cost $500/year  contact via email at

Long Distance Program Information:

The Long Distance Program (LDP) is available for patients who wish to receive dietary support and education based on the IDM Program’s philosophy but do not reside in Canada or are unable to commute to our office.  Please note that the LDP only offers dietary counselling.  We DO NOT offer any medical advice or supervision in the LDP – only dietary advice.  It is not legal to provide advice regarding medications, interpret blood tests, or other medical issues. Patients seen in the Long Distance Program will not be under the medical care of Dr. Jason Fung in any capacity.  Your own physician is responsible to oversee your medications and bloodwork. A physician referral is not required for the Long Distance Program, but it is strongly advised to keep your physician advised of the dietary changes you are making.

How to Join 

1.      Consult with your physician to keep him/her advised of dietary changes and arrange medical follow up as needed and instructions with regards to medications (recommended).

2.      Email us at to arrange a free 20-minute LDP consultation conducted online via WebEx. A link will be emailed to you 12 hours before your appointment.  Just click the link provided and follow the instructions.  If you decide to join the program, you will be provided with an access code to make the payment.  Payment is only required after the consultation.

3.      We will email you a contract and informed consent. Please read carefully, sign, and email us back if you would like to join the program, along with payment.

4.      Follow-up appointments occur weekly, biweekly or monthly, depending on your fasting regimen and availability.  Follow-up appointments are approximately 50-minutes long with 2 to 4 other long distance patients via WebEx. We believe strongly that this group counselling and peer support fosters an environment of mutual support and compliance.

How the Program Works

The LDP provides dietary and fasting counselling to help reverse your metabolic syndrome and lose weight.

1.      You will have an initial 20-minute consultation via WebEx.

2.      We will provide an introductory five hour (approximately) dietary workshop to teach you the basics of the Low Carbohydrate, High Fat (LCHF) diet and intermittent fasting. These are run on Fridays from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM EDT. We will discuss online resources available that will help you follow this diet and links to other resources.

3.      We will provide an individualized dietary prescription with regards to the fasting. Follow-up appointments are 50-minutes long and are run in group sessions for support. During these sessions, we will review your prescription as well as your food diaries to tailor the program to your specific needs.

4.      Follow-ups will take place weekly for the first month, and then biweekly or monthly for subsequent months.

Sample Blood Tests

Your physician will decide which tests are necessary

Initial and Yearly: Lipid Panel, Fasting C-Peptide, Fasting Insulin, Vitamin B12, high sensitivity C-Reactive Protein (hsCRP)

Every Month: Complete blood count, fasting glucose, creatinine, uric acid, sodium, potassium, chloride, albumin/creatinine ratio (urine), urea, and bicarbonate.

Additional Tests Every 3 Months: Hemoglobin A1C (HbA1C), alanine transaminase (ALT), alkaline phosphatase (ALP), albumin, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium.


The cost for new patients $500 Canadian Dollars (this includes HST – our federal and provincial Harmonized Sales Tax) for 12 months participation in the IDM program.  This fee includes: program materials, access to dietary workshops, and group dietary counselling sessions.  A receipt will be provided.

The cost for renewal patients is $300 Canadian Dollars (this includes HST – our federal and provincial Harmonized Sales Tax) for 12 months participation in the IDM program.

*****Insulin Signaling 5 min, 160,000 views animation presentation, college level, needed to understand the basics, thus recommended  excellent

***** The Two Big Lies of Type 2 Diabetes 54 min,10,5000 views, Dr. Fung, latest lecture 11/14, similar to the first two diabetes video and with two patients re-accounting their experience on alternate-day fasting.  excellent                                                              *****Therapeutic Fasting—Solving the Two Compartment Problem 36 min, 302,000 views, Dr. Jason Fung lecture on the yo-yo diet, explains why the long-term obese early always gains back most or more of the weight that they lost within a few years, metabolism drops and they “feel like shit”.  Leads to the biology of fat storage. Solution is low carbs and fasting Excellent

The advice here is merely what JK would do in those situations. See your doctor for medical advice.

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