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1 The books - highly recommended

Male Menopause, Jed Diamond, pub by Sourcebooks, Inc, Naperville, 1997

Essential  reading for anyone facing andropausal challenges; Diamond majors on the psychological aspects, but he is well worth a look. He is excellent at challenging men's limitations on our outlook. Don't think you have to be a New Ager to benefit from having your consciousness raised! 

Maximizing Manhood, Dr Malcolm Carruthers, published by Harper Collins, London (1997)


Malcolm Carruthers' book is the definitive statement about the andropause based on his experience of treating thousands of men experiencing these problems. It is a must-read if you are over 40. Clear and concise, but not written in technical language, it will help you understand what is happening to you and what you CAN do about it. You'll breath a sigh of relief when you read his accounts of other men's andropause experience ("I'm not alone in this!" - and you're not, of course). In short, if you are worried about failing sexual performance, you MUST read this book.  (By the way, the Amazon.co.uk website has the old cover version pictured on their site.)

Gold Cross Medical Services

Dr Malcolm Carruthers' web site - includes a useful on-line resource for testing out whether or not you might have the andropause. 

The Testosterone Syndrome, Eugene Shippen, published by M Evans & Co, New York (1998)


Another great book on the subject: clear, concise, very well-written, accessible to all men. Eugene Shippen is an expert, like Dr Carruthers, and I imagine he writes with a wry glint in his eye, knowing as he does how he has the answers to so may men's questions about failing sexual performance and  ageing. Mind you, his burning passion to save men from the sense that they are demasculinized by their failing sexual ability is very clear too. Good for him! Again, an absolute must-read for men over 40.

Testosterone and Sexuality

A site related to Dr Eugene Shippen's book. 

E. Nieschlag (Editor), H. Behre (Editor)

Testosterone: Action, Deficiency, Substitution, edited by E Nieschlag  H M Behre, published by Springer, 1998 

Buy either of these if you're a medical expert, scientist, doctor or fanatic. They are the definitive textbooks on the pharmacology of the male hormonal system and andrology. More information than you ever dreamed of. 

2 Male resources on the andropause, ageing and impotence 

Fred's site - see below - is the best resource ever on the subject, I recommend it.


Some interesting material, more of an introduction than a deep analysis, but worth a look. Comes from the Institute of Endocrinology, set up by a team of physicians and nurses to provide integrated health care for men and women.

HealthyNet Library

A nice piece by Dr Michael Schacter about the andropause

Open Directory Page of Impotence Links

The great thing about the Open Directory Project is that it is a list of the best resources on the web compiled by humans. If the editor, as here, knows what he is doing, the directory becomes a great resource for quickly finding what you need to know. This link will take you to the entry page from where you can drill down to get whatever information you need.

Life Extension Foundation

A great site on male ageing and the case for testosterone replacement therapy. Very detailed information, well worth a look.


Offering hormonal analysis and male hormone replacement  therapy by post. As the site itself emphasizes, don't forget to have your PSA test done if you are looking for hormone replacement therapy.

Fred's Page of Impotence Information

Set up by one of the founders/leaders of the newsgroup alt.support.impotence. Live to be 100,  you'll never find a more excellent or comprehensive set of references and internet links on all aspects of male sexuality, sexual function, physiology, hormone replacement therapy, sexual anatomy, impotence, erectile dysfunction you name it, it's there - go and look, but make sure you have plenty of time! It is truly amazing, and, Fred - thank you!  


Deja News sign on page

The support group for impotence, has loads of contributors in a supportive, knowledgeable forum: whatever your question, it's likely to get an answer here. I would suggest that you access the group through Deja News, which I find the best way of accessing all the archived material. Some ISP's don't provide much history for newsgroups. The link on the left will take you there. 

Senior Focus

Study on connection between low testosterone and bone demineralization in older men.

3 The Men's Movement and male health

Men Web

Men's Voices Magazine, articles stories and poems on men's growth and development.

Men's Page

Comprehensive listing of Men's Issues resources.


Menstuff® is a free international resource covering all major segments of the men's movement with over 40 megs of information on over 100 men's issues (including abuse, aging, circumcision, divorce, fathers, health, isolation, mid-life, multicultural, prostate, sexuality, spirituality, transition, viagra, violence, and work).

Male health center

Some useful information on, well, male health, actually. Again, a commercial site, but don't be put off by that.

Open Directory Men's Health page

The Internet Open Directory project section on Men's heath. As many references as you'll ever need!

Nation of men

The Nation of Men was formed in 1991 to "support and honor men, teams, and community."

Men's journal

Interesting online mag with good general health information for men.

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