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What is not had becomes desired.  This pattern is already

established in the young man.  He masturbates to a variety

of women.  Often considering in fantasy or in magazine

more than a dozen before ejaculating.  Now you enter the

seen after this pattern has been set for a number of years. 

He loves you, yet when making love in a longer session he

will notice that the thought of another woman will be erotic. 

Thinking of erotic thoughts involving other woman make

him, when his spirit is waning, please you better.  Only you

dont know of it.  When his rod is no longer his staff, he will

notice that thought of another woman turn flesh into wood. 


B.F. Skinner said, "Original sin is the difference between your pleasure and mine."   The compromises and the manipulations for your pleasures and he for his pleasures slowly erode the excitement of being a coupleoften too far.  Quarrels take their toll.  The simian response is anger and getting even.  One way is to violate the trust.  If he is too honorable to have an affair, he can have an imaginary one.  He will develop a crush on a lady; then he will fantasize sex with her while masturbating or making lovThere are deep seated, ancient conditioning patterns that increase the pleasure obtain as a subconscious payback for those quarrels and squabbles.  He does something against you and obtains much more pleasure than being rude, avoidance, and such.  Squabbles are like shrubs in the woods, found everywhere; only to a relationship, they are poison ivy.   


The best treatment to the wondering eye is that of love making; viz., making sex lovemaking.  Have him repeat words of love and respond to those words sexual.  Pair sexual reinforcement with love.  Have him demonstrate his love by how hard he gets and stays, keep asking him to show you his love by his tautness.  Get his to meditate upon love when making love.  Have him approach you not out of horniness, but out of love and then turn the love into horniness.  But when he now desires you, make him present himself in a romantic way focused on you.  Throughout the day tease, touch, fondle, and kiss:  express love in a sexual way, blend the two.  Associating sex and love, making love a condition for sex is the cement of pair bonding.  


Of course you must do the same, stay focused on love and sex, and avoid getting angry at him.  Hopefully, he isn't that much of a jerk so that this approach will fail.  This is the secret to fettering your beloved:  to having him happily pussy whipped.  There are degrees of success.  However, in all cases FIDELITY is greater, than if this ploy wasn't applied. 


How to view love making:  supplimental the mental tantra of love


All that matters to me is that we engage in the tantra of love making, which is that we meditate on love.  Namely I hope that you are ready to take this next step in becoming soul mates, that we share this most private of things possible.  Sexual penetration is just another form of necking, one where the physical pleasure is more intense.  As long as you can express love, then that is enough for me.  Your reaching climax is, though highly desirable, no more important to me than my climaxing.  In fact if you wish to make love frequently, I will not be able to climax every time.  It is enough for me to have the experience of love making with you.  If you climax multiple times, then I through the meditation of love I share your pleasures.  Intellectually I come to love making as a utilitarian, emotional as a person who meditates on love, and as your beloved as one who seeks to make you smile in your heart.  With practice and love in our hearts, we will develop to the best of our abilities, and that is enough for me.  Can there be a higher thing to practice then the romantic union of two developing a loving relationship? 

          I see you with love colored lenses; I see your spirit; thus you are beautiful.   



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