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1514 -- 11/10/02


Gabe Mirkin, M.D.

One of two American woman have been infected with the human papilloma wart virus that causes cervical cancer, but only one in 250 gets that cancer. Recent studies may explain why so few infected women develop cervical cancer, and how you can reduce your risk.

A study from Portland shows that most women who develop cervical cancer from the wart virus eat a diet that is low in vitamin A. A study from the National Cancer Institute shows that smoking may cause the wart virus to form cervical cancer. Other studies show that infection with the wart virus and a bacteria such as chlamydia increases risk for developing the cancer. Lack of vitamin A may prevent a woman's immunity from killing the wart virus. Smoking increases the body's production of angiogenesis factor that allows cancers to grow, and being infected with both the wart virus and chlamydia or other bacteria may be too much for the body's immunity.

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