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alcohol and higher estradiol and testosterone levels in postmenopausal women

The cardiovascular protective effects of estrogen and also of moderate consumption of alcohol are well documented.  In the study below it was found that for postmenopausal women who drink have higher levels of estrogen.  This study strongly supports the conclusions that this positive association with alcohol is in part if not in the entire due to the higher levels of estrogen; the drinkers had a 61% higher level of estrogen.  Note:  premenopausal women have minimal heart and vascular health risks. 

jk has observed a marked difference in the both the rate of aging (skin) and frequency of hot flashes in two women he us close friends with, one drinks daily the other don’t.  The difference could thus be explained by the differences in estrogen levels. Similar effects for four other women jk has observed. 

 The Association between Moderate Alcoholic Beverage Consumption and Serum Estradiol and Testosterone Levels in Normal Postmenopausal Women: Relationship to the Literature

1.     Judith S. Gavaler1,2,*, David H. Van Thiel1


Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research Volume 16, Issue 1, pages 87–92, January 1992



         Estrogen; Postmenopausal Women; Moderate Alcoholic Beverage Consumption


The major source of endogenous estrogens in postmenopausal women is the aromatization of androgens to estrogens; because alcohol is known to increase aromatization, the relationship between moderate alcoholic beverage consumption and serum estradiol levels was evaluated in 128 normal postmenopausal women. Alcohol intake was based on a composite of self-report and food record information. Among the 78.8% of women reporting alcohol use, weekly intake was 4.8 0.6 drinks. Among abstainers, estradiol levels were 100.8 12.1 pmol/liter, significantly lower than in alcohol users, 162.6 11.9 pmol/liter. Significant bivariate correlations were found between the logarithm of estradiol and total weekly drinks. In multiple linear regression analyses inclusion of alcohol as a variable increased the amount of explained variation in estradiol. Similar findings were demonstrable when the crude estimator of aromatization, the estradiol:testosterone ratio logarithm was the dependent variable. Together, these findings suggest that moderate alcohol use is an important factor for postmenopausal estrogen status and may offer a partial explanation for the reported protective effect of moderate alcohol consumption with respect to postmenopausal cardiovascular disease risk.



Of interest would be the effects upon men of alcohol consumption and testosterone, since for men there is also a cardio-protective effect--jk.  

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