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Best Healthful Supplement for seniors

A Message for Seniors on Supplements--http://healthfully.org/rc/id21.html  12/30/14

It is prudent to take the supplements and drug listed below.  These articles of 4 pages or less set out the benefits, and their embedded links to medical journal articles confirm the claims.   

A supplement is a chemical that is identical to one found in the body, and is taken based upon evidence which supports its healthful benefits.  A drug is a chemical not natural to your body or diet.  As you get older your tissues and organs have diminished functions; the bioactivity of the chemicals your body makes are less; and the risk of age-related diseases increases.  Because the body’s reserves are less, the benefits of exercise, healthful diet, and healthful supplements yield a greater net improvement in health and the reduction in risk for age-related chronic and acute conditions than the same 30 years prior.  For example a person who starts jogging at 60 for 10 years will on an average benefit more than a person age 30 year for reduction in the risk of heart attack and type 2 diabetes.  One well-constructed study of senior male runners found that the runners as a group postponed disability 8.7 years and “the control group had a 3.3 times higher rate of death” (81 versus 26 for the runners).  Given the lower bioactivity for seniors, in most cases a greater dose should be taken, unless as with statins side effects increase with dose.  The supplements below are safe, thus a higher accumulation in your body poses no risk, but rather increases their benefits. 

Big pharma essential controls the production of information for their financial benefit, thus they teach doctors through continuing education class that they fund and in medical textbooks that supplements do not work, and they do tobacco (deceptive) studies to “prove” it, or that they are dangerous (as with estradiol, testosterone, and aspirin).  Thus you must put out of mind what is commonly said by the corporate media and doctors on the healthful choices listed.  I have carefully sorted through the journal articles (ignoring pharma’s tobacco science) for the best of the supplements.  For each article I have spent over 200 hours—the embedded links provide journal evidence.  Though my search is incomplete, the short list of supplements is sufficient, so that little additional benefit would be gained by adding more supplements.  The currently has the natural sex hormones estradiol with progesterone for women, for men testosterone, CoQ10, vitamin C, fish oil as a source of omega-3 fatty acids, and glutathione--in that order for benefits.  Equally important is the low carbohydrate diet which can reverse insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.  To this added exercise that pushes you near to your cardio limit, and also weight training.  The only drug of major benefit is aspirin at the 325 mg dose, or more.  It prevents cancer, atherosclerosis, and increase cancer and heart attack survival.  In our corporate system profits dictates performance, thus perverse results are the norm, and the amount of harm pharma does is tragic.  Watch the documentaries that expose their perversion of medicine and nutrition.  The healthfully site is dedicated to exposing the tobacco science and the healthful alternatives.  You are not too old to benefit from the recommended changes; and their benefits increase with declining health.     

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