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Motives and goals

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This site is maintained by California
Skeptics.  The skill which has made us
skeptical about questions of religion, of
government, of economic systems, of
parapsychology, of “alternative medicine”, this
analytic process and intellectual curiosity
continues on issues of health; thus this site. 


As measured by the utilitarian standard (those who measure actions by harm done), there is much that needs to be address by our health care system.  Thus this site is divided between informing about health and informing about the need for reform.  The best indictment of our system is found in Dr. Marcia Angell’s book The Truth About Drug Companies.  Our health-care system ranks last in value per dollar spent.  This waste of funds not only impacts life-style choices such as funds available education, recreation, domicile, but also on the very treatment obtained.  Sure this is an imperfect world.  If each of us made as one of our top two recreational activities that of building a better society, the old apple cart (title of a short play by Bernard Shaw) would be overturned and the new cart wouldn’t crash—as did that of the last century’s socialist dream.   

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